What do we do?


Increase your sales immediately!

Control every aspect, content and functionality of your online site. Implement the multiplier effect when interacting with your customer, streamlining the purchase process.

Web apps

From idea to application: software development.

A business grows effectively if you have the right application! Increase your productivity and your team’s with a web app that automates your daily activities.

Mobile apps

Mobile apps are basically your new work tool!

The portability and availability of your information can now be more accesible through a mobile application. Ensure your competitiveness in the market by acquiring better control
of your processes and sales channels.


The internet of things brings positive business results!

Decrease operating costs and transform your business by managing data through the connection of your devices to the Internet through sensors to measure or exchange information.

Why Bioxor?

  • We automatize and streamline your actual work process, we have at your disposal the best of our talent to plan and develop intellectual property that will undoubtedly give you a new competitive advantage= profitability.
  • We reaffirm our best practices by working with software conceptualization, development and support processes, always working with the CMMI DEV 3 methodology.
  • We are passionate to contribute to create a better future by developing new technological tools that improve the way we do things. We connect our inspiration and multidisciplinary team in order to achieve your goals.









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